Heard About Us On The Radio?

Pizza Savor® the “Little black screen” is now the 3rd generation of our revolutionary engineered product created to finally solve the problem of wet, greasy and soggy take-out & delivery pizza & calzones.  

Pizza Savor was invented to protect the crust…which is the forgotten other half of the pie.  This “little black screen” will improve your dining experience.   Pizza Savor is unique because it allows the warm steam to flow between the box bottom and the crust.  Our Little Black screen acts as a drain and allows the excess grease & liquids to be absorbed into the box instead of the crust.    

Pizza Boxes, Cardboard circles, fluted squares or dimpled white paper sheets act as barriers.   Barriers are the cause of wet & soggy crust.  Barriers are not made to enhance the quality of the crust or your dining experience.   Flat white plastic sheets do not lift the crust up & often the tiny holes get clogged with sauce or cheese which then cause absorption into the crust.

Did you order an extra side of wet & soggy?  If not then you should no longer accept it.  The “little black screen” under the crust solves the problem of wet & soggy.    Tell your favorite Pizzeria to go to www.Makingfoodsbetter.com and order Pizza Savor or look for the pizza passionate pizzeria who uses it in your area.

The Pizza Savor” is not just for take-out either.   The “Little Black Screen” under your tableside pie makes your last slice as good as your first!  Now you won’t have to leave the grease soaked leftovers on the table because the Pizza Savor kept your crust dry.  Next day heat ups...perfect.  They will not be wet, greasy or soggy.      

Pizza is not meant to be eaten wet or soggy & now  It is NO LONGER necessary.  Its s time to let your pizzeria know about the “Little Black Screen”

The Pizza Savor is made in the USA, from a food grade FDA approved recyclable material.  Our “little black screen” is dishwasher safe and can be re-used for many household projects.  



Are You A Pizza Lover?

Ask your favorite pizzeria to use the Little Black Screen Under the pizza..... Or click the "where to find it" button below to find out more information on Pizza Savor and find a pizzeria near you.



Are You A Pizzeria Owner

Do you own a pizzeria and want to deliver a better product to your customers and serve a pizza that makes you stand out. This product allows pizzerias to significantly improve their delivery product quality and differentiate themselves from their competition. The result is a vastly superior end product when it reaches the home. Pizza chefs and consumers alike love the results of Making Foods Better - Pizza-Screens.