Say GoodBye To Soggy Pizza?

Pizza-Savor is the new and next solution to all your greasy, soggy pizza problems.

The long road back to the beginning….

Over the years, there has been a “shift” in the dynamics.  Time became precious. Soon preparing meals became a chore and household heads began looking for solutions.  Independent Pizzeria, recognized the shift, stepped up and answered the call to fill that vacuum.

Recently, slowly and dangerously, the New England, Independent Pizzeria operator has seen a tectonic change in the way customers perceive “quality & value”.    There was shift, away from unique & different, which were the foundation of our local Independent restaurants to a what is now the new norm, conformity, made quick, delivered fast and sold cheap.  

The National Pizzeria Chains already experienced in lowering the bar, capitalized on the new norms by changing the perception of what was acceptable.  Soon good enough became good enough.   

National Pizzeria Chains made lowering the bar acceptable. They sell more pies at lower margin but create additional contributory profit opportunities because they do a better job of maximizing the customers “visit”. They understand loss leaders & the “stickiness” loyalty creates.  They have mastered the “add on” high margin ancillary  sale.       

 These Mega chains have shown the rest of us how to market.  Billions of dollars have shifted from Local Independents and moved into the cash registers of the National Chains.   These Mega Chains now empowered with a “good enough” is “good enough” customer base then shifted their attention to leverage the national & regional ingredient manufacturers & foodservice distributors to command cheaper prices.  

Ironically, these ingredient manufactures and National/Regional Distributors who support the Mega chains also have bottom line responsibility to shareholders or equity firms.   These same manufacturers & distributors coveted the local independent pizzeria operator because they can generate higher margins on the same items they are selling and delivering at a discount to the Mega Pizzeria chains.


For the most part, the Independent operator did not recognize or properly embrace technology, which became a new DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION for take-out & delivery meal replacement.  Over time independents tried to compete but instead of promoting differentiation…most used price & discounts as their solution.  A Strategy perfected by the chains.       

It is proven that discounts and coupons do not create loyalty…it works in the reverse.  Differentiation will create loyalty.      Offering a product which the consumer recognizes the “quality difference” is the only way to compete.   

How about being the Local Pizzeria which offers a better take-out & delivery dining experience?  Would that be different?     As a consumer, would you rather have a dry crisp crust to serve to your family or a wet, soggy or cold pie?

 35 to 40 minutes out of the oven, in a steaming box with the crust pressed up against a barrier like a pizza circle, wax paper, or white dimpled box liner your pie arrives wet, greasy & soggy.  To add insult, the customer probably paid an extra $2 to $3 delivery charge and a tip simply for the luxury of convenience.   Why should the consumer pay more when the final dining experience is similar to the $5.99 to $8.99 Chain one.

But there is good news ahead….the chains have pushed the envelope for conformity and mediocre too far…. Americans are rejecting the consistency of national restaurant chains after decades of dominance in favor of the authenticity of locally owned eateries, with their daily specials and Mom’s watercolors decorating the walls. 

It’s a turning point in the history of American restaurants, according to Darren Tristano, Chief Insights Officer at Chicago-based restaurant research firm Technomic.  “This really seems to be the dawning of the era of the independent,” Tristano said. “The Independents and small chains are now outperforming. The big chains are now lagging.”

The consumer is speaking…they want better & are willing to pay for it.    The Independents have been offered a second chance but time & temperature and pooling fat, oil & grease will still be the enemies of takeout & delivery pizza.    Pizza Savor was a disruptive innovation 15 years ago and it still is one today.  Good enough because of price is what placed the Independent in peril.  Good enough is not good enough.  Pizza Savor, the little black screen is still the best kind solution.   

Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Success & wealth is not created by saving but by selling.  Take advantage of these changing winds…protect your quality costly ingredients with the only product which will CONSISTENLY allow you to offer your customer a dry, crispy crust and a better dining experience.  


No Soggy Pizza Crust When You Use The "Little Black Screen"


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Big Dave Ostrander Recomends It

The Pizza-Savor from Big Dave Ostrander, the “Pizza Doctor,” features a mesh screen the full size of a pizza box that sits inside the box, keeping pizza away from the bottom and free of grease.

FDA approved material which would withstand the heat of the Pie coming out of the oven while allowing the Pie to be cut in the box without breaking the screen.

According to the website, the design bounces back when stressed during the pie cutting process thus protecting against flattened cut lines where liquid then collects. The angled honeycomb design allows for more liquid to disperse and a greater amount of air to flow under the crust. The company says Pizza-Savor is made with FDA-approved, virgin, recyclable and reusable food grade CPET material that is BPA and silicone-free.

The device, which is being targeted to high-end pizzerias, is available through Montreal’s Stromboli.


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