Pizza-Savor Purpose, History, Technology & Benefits

The newly re-engineered Pizza-Savor® is the 3rd generation of a revolutionary design concept for the on-going problem of delivering soggy, greasy or cold pies. Soggy bottomed and mushy crust is so prevalent in the take-out/delivery segment today; the majority of our customers have come to accept an inferior product as the tradeoff for convenience. You make the pies the same, you may even charge more for the delivery BUT the “experience” is clearly different. This is no longer necessary. There is an “ingredient” which is functional and offers you a distinctive point of differentiation between the pies you deliver and those of your local, regional or national competitors. Pizza-Savor® solves the soggy, cold and greasy take-out/delivery pizza.

Would you agree the real reason we make our own dough, blend our own cheese, add spices to our sauce and use lots of high quality toppings is because we are striving to be different and better than our competition? We all take pride in our Pie. But we also know what happens to our homemade dough, blended cheeses, sauces and expensive toppings as soon as the pie comes out of the oven/conveyor then placed in a box, cut and closed and put into an insulated bag and off for delivery. The steam begins to destroy the integrity of the top crust and the oozing toppings soak through the bottom…a circle or wax sheet does not prevent the bottom crust from sitting in a pool of greasy liquid. Thirty minutes later when that pie finally arrives at our customer’s door, that pie does not do justice to the quality of the expensive ingredients or the pride felt when you placed the pie into the box with your name on it.

As the saying goes “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. Twenty years ago, the inventor & patent holder for this concept had a favorite pizzeria he took his family to in Long Island. He knew good pizza. He was a Corrugated Pizza Boxes sales rep selling to the best Pizzerias throughout the five boroughs of NYC. When he opted to pick up a pie on his way home from work, the pie never was as good as the one coming hot out of the oven. His pet peeve soon became his passion and obsession as he set out to find a solution to the wet soggy pizza in a box dilemma. Through trial and error he finally came up with a process using a FDA approved material which would withstand the heat of the Pie coming out of the oven while allowing the Pie to be cut in the box without breaking the screen. His first attempt was made of a white material and manufactured near his home in Connecticut. The original screen was called by a different name. About 7 years ago, the inventor improved his original design, moved production to Ohio, changed the color to Black and renamed it Pizza-Savor®. Our third generation Pizza-Savor® makes what was a good product even better through utilizing improvements in the materials and manufacturing technology. One critical upgrade is today’s Pizza-Savor® is now manufactured in a newly constructed “Food Safe” manufacturing facility in Georgia.

Our new design and manufacturing process tweaks the first and second generation concepts and makes them more effective and efficient. This new design is more resilient and bounces back when “stressed” during the pie cutting process thus protecting against flattened cut lines where liquid then collects. The new angled honeycomb design is about 1/8″ higher which allows for more liquid to disperse and a greater amount of air to flow under the crust which surrounds the pie in a warm convection like motion. This movement of warm air coupled with the effective removal of the excess grease, water and butterfat helps insure “our’ mutual customer enjoys the Best take-out/delivery Pie you can offer. Our Pizza-Savor® is made with 100% FDA approved, virgin, recyclable and re-usable food grade CPET material which is BPA and Silicone free. Pizza-Savor® is designed to eliminate the transfer of the cardboard taste onto the bottom crust. It prevents sticking and minimizes the shifting within the box.

Pizza-Savor ® is best of class for any pizza delivery system but it also offers you the opportunity to be a point of differentiation. At first, our customers may not know what it is but they certainly know what it does. You will sell more multi-topping, high margin pies and develop “loyalty” because customers will appreciate receiving a high quality pie which is not soggy, greasy or swimming in its own fat & juices. Pizza-Savor® is not an expense but truly the most critical ingredient you can use to insure your customer receives a quality pie that you would be proud to call yours. Customers rarely remember or even ask when ordering what the cost of the Pie is, they only want to know how much to have ready for the delivery person. They will not remember if you added this cost into the delivery expense or to the price of the pie but they will remember if the pie was worth the money they paid. Pizza-Savor® is truly a self-funded insurance policy paid by the customer that will create incremental profit dollars through repeat business from loyal patrons.