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Benefits of Making Foods Better - Pizza Screens is a revolutionary new delivery-pizza preservation product that keeps the pizza crust dry and crispy for an extended period of time during delivery. This product allows pizzerias to significantly improve their delivery product quality and differentiate themselves from their competition. The result is a vastly superior end product when it reaches the home. Pizza chefs and consumers alike love the results of Making Foods Better - Pizza-Screens.


Partners & Testimonials

“Our shops stand out amoungst our competitors by striving to go above and beyond. We do this by serving each of our pizzas on a Pizza-Savor®”
— Otto Pizza - Boston, MA
“All my pizzas go on top of a Pizza-Savor®. I cut the pizza on it and I know when it is eaten, it is like it just came out of my oven.”
— Jimmy’s II – Lowell, MA
“Finally, a solution for wet, soggy, limp pizza. Pizza-Savor® eliminates the problem of crust contact with cheese oils and water from toppings. After thoroughly testing them, I’m a true believer. You have to give them a try. You and your customers will be believers too!!! Pizza-Savor® gets my 5 Star rating.”
— Big Dave Ostrander – The “Pizza Doctor”
“You ain’t got nothing without Pizza-Savor®”
— Chef Bruno
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What’s That Weird Mesh Thing In The Pizza Delivery Boxes?

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Stand Out with Pizza Screens

by Smart Pizza Marketing Interview for Pizza Screen

Ed Noe from makingfoodsbetter.com joins the show to discuss their innovative product that can really help you stand out above the competition.